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Hack: How to disable recently used items list

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Quite a few applications use ~/.local/share/recently-used.xbel to keep track of a user’s most recent files. Unfortunately, not every application offers customization options to disable this list. One possible solution, granted, a quite hacky one, is to clear recently-used.xbel and revoke a user’s permission to edit it again. First, remove and re-create the file to clear it You can then edit… Read more »

Disabling GDM greeter sound on Fedora 11 [Update]

Due to a bug in GDM there currently is now way of preventing GDM from playing a sound when you login to your Fedora 11 box. This is especially annoying on notebooks, e.g. when you’re sitting in a meeting or in a (quiet) public place like a library. The only workaround (a bit dirty, granted) is to delete or rename… Read more »

GDM AutoLogin

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To login a certain user automatically at boot time, you have to change the daemon-section of your /etc/gdm/custom.conf: With ‘TimedLogin’ being a valid, non-root user and ‘TimedLoginDelay’ being the login delay in seconds. An overview of available configuration variables can be found on live.gnome.org

Customizing Gnome keyboard shortcuts

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It’s possible to define keyboard shortcuts for your own commands in addition to the predefined Gnome actions. Since metacity is Gnome’s default window manager, you have to edit the metacity keys in your GConf configuration system. The easiest way is doing it with the gconf-editor (although you can of course edit the xml-definition in ~/.gconf/apps/metacity/ by hand). So open your… Read more »