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How to label a partition

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Labelling a partition can be quite handy, especially for partitions on usb drives that usually get auto-mounted to a folder that corresponds to their label. Usually the label is set when the partition is created. If the label is not explicitly specified, it is usually auto-generated. To change the label, there are a couple of tools available: ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions You… Read more »

Inserting arbitrary unicode characters to kwrite

While you can normally insert arbitrary unicode characters to any X11 application using Ctrl-Shift-u and four hex digits, it doesn’t work in kwrite or kate. Instead you’d have to press F7 to switch to command line and type in For example, to get the degree symbol (Unicode: U+00B0) you’d type in ‘char 176’ (176 being 0xB0 converted do decimal).