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How to label a partition

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Labelling a partition can be quite handy, especially for partitions on usb drives that usually get auto-mounted to a folder that corresponds to their label. Usually the label is set when the partition is created. If the label is not explicitly specified, it is usually auto-generated. To change the label, there are a couple of tools available: ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions You… Read more »

Converting an ext3 partition to ext4

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Mounting an ext3 partition using ext4 fs drivers will usually speed-up your filesystem without actually changing the on-disk structures. Therefore it’s possible to revert to the ext3 driver without any problem. This allows you to easily benefit from delayed allocation (delalloc) and multi-block allocation (mballoc). Further performance enhancements are possible if you do change the on-disk structure, e.g. by using… Read more »

Free reserved space on ext4 partitions (or change reserved block percentage)

By default, 5% of a new ext2/3/4 partition will be reserved for important root processes and for fs performance reasons. However, there may be sound reasons to lower that percentage or even disable it completely (non-root partition, data-only storage, huge files, ext4 etc.). Let me quote Linux filesystem guru Ted Ts’o on this: If you set the reserved block count… Read more »