Monthly Archives: January 2013

Search for a package containing a certain file

Assumed you want to find the package that contains the shared object, e.g. because a binary is dynamically linked against it, and ldd tells you that the shared library requirements are not met. On Fedora (or any yum-type os) you’d run and yum would tell you, that mesa-libGLU comes with /usr/lib64/ which could fulfill your need (could because you… Read more »

How to send a client’s hostname to the DHCP server

In contrast to Ubuntu (or even Microsoft Windows) default installations of Fedora do not send the client’s hostname to the DHCP server. To change this behaviour, add a DHCP_HOSTNAME variable to your /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 file (eth0 being your NIC’s interface name): Of course, this only works if you actually get your IP address via DHCP (since the DHCP server hands off… Read more »