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Accessing PL2303 USB serial adapter as non-root user

If you plug the PL2303 USB to serial adapter (or any other FTDI-like USB adapter) into your USB port, udev creates a /dev/ttyUSBX device with limited read and write permissions (0660 per default). Usually, only the root user and a specific group can access the device at all . To access the device as a regular user, you can either… Read more »

Unlocking a luks volume with a USB key

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A luks encrypted disk partition is great. The only thing that can bug you from time to time is that you have to specify the key before you can use it. Or maybe, if you try to mount the volume with /etc/fstab, you’ll be prompted for the password during boot. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could use a real… Read more »

Using udevadm to gather information about specific device

Usually, udevadm requires the sysfs device path of the device in question. But you can also ask udevadm which device path belongs to a certain device node. This gets really helpful if you combine these two queries. Example: You want to get a list of attributes for a specific device. You do not know the complete device path; all you… Read more »