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Running PulseAudio as system service

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Running PulseAudio in system mode is usually a bad idea. There are use cases however, where PulseAudio’s system mode is a great tool, e.g. for building a PulseAudio streaming target to stream audio from multiple clients to speakers. First, install PulseAudio, avahi (a free implementation of zeroconf) to publish the service throughout the network and the corresponding PulseAudio module: Since… Read more »

PulseAudio and lirc [Update]

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Changing the system volume with a lirc enabled remote can be a pain in the arse if you don’t know what to look for. If you do, it’s quite simple: There is a package called ‘pulseaudio-module-lirc’ (PulseAudio’s Wiki for module-lirc) that contains the volume control module for the PulseAudio sound server. Install the package via yum and enable it Here… Read more »

Making MythTV work with pulseaudio in Fedora 12

If you run mythfrontend 0.22 from RPMfusion, it will automatically try to disable pulseaudio and use the default ALSA output instead. This leads (in most cases) to no audio output at all. Changing mythtv’s audio output device in the frontend (Utilities/Setup -> Setup -> General -> Audio System -> Audio Output Device) from ‘ALSA:default’ to ‘ALSA:spdif’ worked for me, but… Read more »