Monthly Archives: June 2012

How to list rpm packages from certain repository

Usually, rpm –queryformat can be used to generate all sorts of rpm package listing. You could, for example, use the vendor tag to separate the packages that are tagged with RPM Fusion from the list of all installed packages (rpm -qa): Unfortunately, there is no 1:1 mapping between rpm’s vendor tag and the install repository. In some cases, the vendor… Read more »

KDE global shortcuts daemon stealing shortcuts (aka Netbeans Ctrl+Shift+I doesn’t work any more)

If Netbeans’ keyboard shortcut for fixing import statements (or any other shortcut) stops working, it could be the KDE global shortcuts daemon interfering12. Per default, Ctrl+Shift+I is bound to Kopete’s read message function, so if Kopete runs in background, Netbeans doesn’t catch the shortcut. Quick Fix: Close Kopete or simply remove the global shortcut. To check, if the kglobalaccel daemon… Read more »