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Adding a new disk to a Xen VM

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Create a new image file (10GiB): (Note: You can also create a sparse file with dd’s seek option. Have a look at the dd manpage or the examples on Create the new filesystem: Label the filesystem: Edit the DomU’s config file, /etc/xen/<hostname>.cfg and add the new disk: Start the VM: Edit DomU’s /etc/fstab & mount the disk:

Installing yum build dependencies with yum-builddep

After fiddling around with rpmbuild for quite a while, I stumbled upon yum-builddep. It’s basically a tool to install all packages required to rebuild an RPM package from the SRPM. So if you want to install all “BuildRequires” mentioned in the spec file of a package, invoke The source RPM for the specified package must be available in the yum… Read more »

Display current git branch in bash

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Sometimes it’s very useful to know which git branch you are working on right from the command prompt. There are many solutions out there, but most of them include python and some awk or grep magic which can time a serious amount of time when you cd into a reasonably large git tree. But you can also take advantage of… Read more »