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Instaling ownCloud with nginx and php-fpm

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Setting up an ownCloud instance is rather straight forward. OwnCloud6 rpm packages for recent Fedora versions (20+) already exist and can be easily installed with yum. Unfortunately, ownCloud’s storage mechanism is rather slow compared to other private cloud solution like Seafile or SparkleShare. However the overall speed can be improved greatly by switching from the most obvious and most popular… Read more »

BackUpWordPress plugin produces tarballs containing duplicates

I’m using BackUpWordPress to do regular database and file tree backups of this blog. Unfortunately, there is a nasty bug in this plugin which may cause the tarball to contain every backuped file multiple times (to be precise, every file except the first one will go into the tarball exactly three times). The problem is that the . and ….. Read more »

WordPress myStat plugin breaks rss feed

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I recently installed myStat to keep track of this blog’s rapidly increasing number of readers. Unfortunately, the plugin break the rss feed. The problem is the plugin’s myStat_footer() function, which does not check if the page is a feed before deciding to insert the myStat footer image into the page code. To fix myStat v2.6, locate line 475 in mystat.php… Read more »