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Netbeans’ tomcat log file path

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Spawning a tomcat server instance from within Netbeans is really handy for rapid Java Servlet or JavaServer Pages application development. Since log levels are usually quite verbose during development, logs tend to pile up. So you might want to clean out the log directory from time to time. Or maybe you just want to go through one of those logs… Read more »

KDE global shortcuts daemon stealing shortcuts (aka Netbeans Ctrl+Shift+I doesn’t work any more)

If Netbeans’ keyboard shortcut for fixing import statements (or any other shortcut) stops working, it could be the KDE global shortcuts daemon interfering12. Per default, Ctrl+Shift+I is bound to Kopete’s read message function, so if Kopete runs in background, Netbeans doesn’t catch the shortcut. Quick Fix: Close Kopete or simply remove the global shortcut. To check, if the kglobalaccel daemon… Read more »

Changing default Look’n’Feel for Netbeans (and the GUI builder)

Netbeans’ GUI builder is great. It’s one of the essential features that made me drop eclipse. But designing accurate GUIs can be a pain in the arse. Especially, when you use the GUI builder with a certain preview Look and Feel (e.g. GTK+) but you application later runs with a completely different L’n’F (e.g. Nimbus). It’s almost certain, that your… Read more »