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Tunneling browser traffic through an ssh jumpbox

It can be very handy sometimes to tunnel your browser’s traffic through a secure channel, for example when you are on an insecure or unknown network like a hotel, cafe or airport etc. To open up a SOCKS proxy on port 8080, run To configure Firefox to use the proxy go to Edit → Preferences → Advanced → Network →… Read more »

Efficiently searching the Java API

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Since Sun’s API search is a real pain in the arse and even DocWeb doesn’t allow you to quickly search the Java API, this firefox plugin is a substantial improvement: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/60675/ It basically redirects the search query to Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature to search Java’s API for the class information. Together with Second Search querying the Java API is… Read more »

Java plugin for Firefox 3.6

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Since Mozilla dropped support on OJI (Open Java Virtual Machine Integration), the classic java plugin file javaplugin-oji.so doen’t work anymore for Firefox versions >3.6. Starting in Firefox 3.6, Mozilla will only support the standard NPAPI and NPRuntime interfaces. However, a ‘Next-Generation Java plugin’ (that’s what Sun calls it) is available in Java version 6 update 10 or newer and supports… Read more »