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OpenSSH cipher performance

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The achievable speed of copying a file with OpenSSH (e.g. with scp) will depend on quite a few different factors such as CPU speed, CPU architecture, Network throughput, OpenSSH implementation, OS, hard drive speed, etc. But how much of a difference does choosing a different cipher algorithm make? And what’s the fastest OpenSSH cipher algorithm? Turns out, there’s no simple… Read more »

Tunneling browser traffic through an ssh jumpbox

It can be very handy sometimes to tunnel your browser’s traffic through a secure channel, for example when you are on an insecure or unknown network like a hotel, cafe or airport etc. To open up a SOCKS proxy on port 8080, run To configure Firefox to use the proxy go to Edit → Preferences → Advanced → Network →… Read more »

sshuttle error: File “ssubprocess.py”, line 1117, in _execute_child

If you run into this error: the culprit is simply the missing netstat program on the target host. sshuttle tries to fork a netstat process without checking if netstat is installed on the target host in the first place. On a Fedora host netstat comes with the net-tools package:

fish kioslave and “Could not enter folder” error

The kioslave fish:/ enables you to access remote files through ssh, even if sftp is not installed on the remote host. It’s much more convenient than its cousin sftp:/, e.g. because dolphin remembers file associations etc. Unfortunately, fish:/ requires perl. It copies a perl script to the remote host and executes it there. So if you run into an error… Read more »

Non-interactive ssh with expect

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If you need a programmatic ssh login, i.e. in a shell script, the best way to make ssh non-interactive usually is a public-key authentication. This requires the public key to be stored on the host machine, which (admitted, in very rare cases) can be hard or impossible. One of those rare cases might be a chrooted environment on a webserver… Read more »

Staring X applications through an ssh tunnel

If you encounter the problem of being unable to start an X application through an ssh-tunnel and run into an error message similar to or you should check that you used ssh -X[…] to enable X11 forwarding when connecting to the server that the xauth-package is installed correctly on your server xauth is used to edit and display the authorization… Read more »