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KDE multi-monitor display settings are lost on logout

There are quite a few bug reports on the kde bug tracking system about kde losing display settings on logout (e.g. Bug 183143). But since this problem has been present for a couple of years and is still existing in the latest version of KDE (i.e. 4.8.5 at this writing), here’s a workaround: Add a parameter called StartupCommands to the… Read more »

Expendable Fedora 17 default services

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Based on Harald Hoyer’s great tutorial on boot time optimization for Fedora 17, here’s a list of services I usually disable on my Fedora 17 boxes: This is just a memory hook for myself. YMMV and of course what’s expendable depends on the configuration you use on your box. For an explanation of the systemctl mask command have a look… Read more »