Disabling GDM greeter sound on Fedora 11 [Update]

Due to a bug in GDM there currently is now way of preventing GDM from playing a sound when you login to your Fedora 11 box. This is especially annoying on notebooks, e.g. when you’re sitting in a meeting or in a (quiet) public place like a library.

The only workaround (a bit dirty, granted) is to delete or rename the sound file:

# cd /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/
# mv bell.ogg bell.ogg-bak

Enjoy reclaimed silence!

Update: There is a workaround in bugzilla that gets by without deleting or renaming any files.

4 thoughts on “Disabling GDM greeter sound on Fedora 11 [Update]

  1. avatarRobert

    Thanks. I’ve been trying to fix this for two hours.

    What kind of person thinks that computers should beep and honk every time you touch some thing. I’m getting really tired of having to chase down fixes for this sort of junk every time I install a new version.

  2. avatarBob

    I followed your instructions then cd as above then ls. Finally rm -rf bell.oga.Peace at last on fedora 15! Thank you.

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