xmms keyboard shortcuts

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Global (Main, Equalizer and Playlist window)

zPrevious song
bNext song
lPlay file (brings up the Load file(s) dialog)
jJump to file (in the existing playlist)
rToggle Repeat
sToggle Shuffle
Shft + lPlay directory (brings up the Add Directory dialog)
Ctrl + lPlay location (url)
Ctrl + pPreferences dialog
Ctrl + vVisualization plugin dialog
Ctrl + rTime remaining
Ctrl + aAlways on top
Ctrl + wWinshade mode
Ctrl + dDoublesize mode
Ctrl + eEasy move
Ctrl + jJump to time
Ctrl + zStart of list
Ctrl + nNo Playlist Advance
Ctrl + 3File info dialog
Ctrl + Alt + wToggle Equalizer winshade mode
Shft + Ctrl + wToggle Playlist winshade mode
Alt + wToggle mainwindow
Alt + eToggle playlist window
Alt + gToggle equalizer window
Alt + sSkin selector

Main window

Arrow key upVolume up 2%
Arrow key downVolume down 2%
Arrow key rightSkip 5 seconds forward in song
Arrow key leftSkip 5 seconds back in song

Playlist window

Arrow key upup one step in playlist
Arrow key downDown one step in playlist
DeleteRemove selected songs from playlist
Ctrl+ DeleteKeeps the selected tracks and removes the rest
QQueue/Dequeue the tracks selected
Shft + QClear the queue list
Page UpMove one page up
Page DownMove one page down
HomeGo to the first song
EndGo to the last song
EnterPlay selected song
InsertAdd file dialog
Shft + InsertAdd directory dialog
Alt + InsertAdd url dialog

Equalizer shade mode

Arrow key upVolume up 2%
Arrow key downVolume down 2%
Arrow key rightBalance 4% to right
Arrow key leftBalance 4% to left

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